AI in Australasia:

The Past Twenty-Five Years


Professor Michael Georgeff

Prof Michael P. Georgeff is a computer scientist and entrepreneur who has made contributions in the areas of Intelligent Software Agents and eHealth. Georgeff is a former program director in the Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International, Menlo Park, California and Founder and Director of the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute Georgeff is currently Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Precedence Health Care and Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University.In 2004 and again in 2006 he received the Classic AI Paper Award, a retrospective honour from AAAI for the most influential AI paper in 1984 and 1987 .He is a Fellow of AAAI and the ACS.

Emeritus Professor Ray Jarvis

Prof Ray Jarvis graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Western Australia in 1968. He worked for two years as a visiting professor at Purdue University, Indiana in the United States of America. Returning to Australia in 1970, he joined the Australian National University in Canberra where he helped establish the Department of Computer Science. He moved to Monash University in 1985 to take up a Chair in Electrical Engineering and was Head of Department in 1987 and 1988. In 1987 he established the Intelligent Robotics Research Centre. He was elected as a Fellow of the Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in 1992. More recently he was Director of the Australian Research Council Centre for Perceptive and Intelligent Machines in Complex Environments from 2003 to 2007. He became an IEEE Life Fellow in 2012 and is now an Emeritus Professor at Monash University.

Professor John Lloyd

Prof John Lloyd is a Professor of Computer Science at The Australian National University. Previously, he held positions at the University of Bristol and The University of Melbourne. He has a PhD in Mathematics from The Australian National University. His research interests are in computational logic, agents, machine learning, and declarative programming languages.

Professor Mary O'Kane

Prof Mary O'Kane is the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, Executive Chairman of Mary O'Kane & Associates Pty Ltd, and a company director. She led the first automatic speech recognition research group in Australia and was active in the Artificial Intelligence community before being diverted to a range of other things including being Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide from 1996-2000 and a member of committees and boards including the Australian Research Council, the Co-operative Research Centres Committee, the board of FH Faulding & Co Ltd, the CSIRO Board and the board of the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy.

Professor Ross Quinlan

Prof Ross Quinlan became interested in AI during his honours year at the University of Sydney. He completed his PhD at the University of Washington in 1968 supervised by Earl Hunt, the thesis title being "An experience-gathering problem-solving system." He gave a paper on that system at the first IJCAI (Washington D.C., 1969). After a visiting appointment at Carnegie-Mellon University, Ross returned to Australia and soon rejoined Sydney as a lecturer. During a sabbatical at Stanford in 1978 he had the good fortune to collaborate with Donald Michie (who was also visiting Stanford), leading to the development of a classification system called ID3. His later systems include C4.5, FOIL, and M5. Ross helped found the Sydney Expert Systems Group, drawing researchers from UTS, Sydney, and UNSW. The Group organised five successful conferences on Expert Systems (1985-1989). In 1997 Ross started RuleQuest Research, a small company that builds data mining tools.