AI'12 Accepted Papers


  • Tim Baarslag, Mark Hendrikx, Koen Hindriks and Catholijn Jonker. Measuring the Performance of Online Opponent Models in Automated Bilateral Negotiation
  • Peter Sunehag and Marcus Hutter. Optimistic Agents are Asymptotically Optimal
  • Yuheng Wu, Zili Zhang, Yong Deng, Huan Zhou and Tao Qian. An Enhanced Multi-Agent System with Evolution Mechanism to Approximate Physarum Transport Networks


  • Claire D'Este, Ashfaqur Rahman and Alison Turnbull. Predicting Shellfish Farm Closures with Class Balancing Methods
  • Suisin Khoo, Zhihong Man and Zhenwei Cao. Automatic Han Chinese Folk Song Classification Using Extreme Learning Machines
  • Yang Sok Kim, Ashesh Mahidadia, Paul Compton, Alfred Krzywicki, Wayne Wobcke, Xiongcai Cai and Michael Bain. People-to-People Recommendation Using Subgroup Preferences
  • Juan Lu, Ed Kazmiercazk, Jonathan Manton and Rodney Sinclair. Automatic Scoring of Erythema and Scaling Severity in Psoriasis Diagnosis
  • Peter Mc Leod and Brijesh Verma. A Multi-Neuronal Ensemble Technique for the Classification of Masses in Digital Mammograms
  • Josef Robert Moser, Christian Guetl and Wei Liu. Rened Distractor Generation with LSA and Stylometry for Automated Multiple Choice Question Generation
  • Mahmood A Rashid, Md Tamjidul Hoque, M.A.Hakim Newton, Duc-Nghia Pham and Abdul Sattar. A New Genetic Algorithm for Simplified Protein Structure Prediction
  • Sidney Tsang, Gillian Dobbie and Yun Sing Koh. Generating Realistic Online Auction Data

Computer Vision

  • Behnam Babagholami-Mohamadabadi, Amin Jourabloo and Mohammad T. Manzuri-Shalmani. A Robust Global Motion Estimation For Digital Video Stabilization
  • Wenlong Fu, Mark Johnston and Mengjie Zhang. Automatic Construction of Invariant Features Using Genetic Programming for Edge Detection
  • Anthony Knittel and Alan Blair. An Abstract Deep Network for Image Classification
  • Hamed Monkaresi, Md. Sazzad Hussain and Rafael A. Calvo. A dynamic approach for detecting naturalistic affective states from facial videos during HCI

Constraints and Search

  • Md Asafuddoula, Tapabrata Ray and Ruhul Sarker. A Self-adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm With Constraint Sequencing
  • Lucas Bordeaux and Nina Narodytska. On the Violation of Circuits in Decomposable Negation Normal Form
  • Ronald De Haan, Nina Narodytska and Toby Walsh. The RegularGcc Matrix Constraint
  • Thach-Thao Duong, Duc-Nghia Pham and Abdul Sattar. A Method to Avoid Duplicative Flipping in Local Search for SAT
  • Priyankar Ghosh, Partha Chakrabarti and Pallab Dasgupta. Anytime Algorithms for Biobjective Heuristic Search
  • Anurag Sharma and Dharmendra Sharma. ICHEA for Discrete Constraint Satisfaction Problems
  • Satya Gautam Vadlamudi, Piyush Gaurav, Sandip Aine and Partha Pratim Chakrabarti. Anytime Column Search

Evolutionary Computation

  • Soha Ahmed, Mengjie Zhang and Lifeng Peng. Genetic Programming for Biomarker Detection in Mass Spectrometry Data
  • Khairul Alam, Tapabrata Ray and Sreenatha G. Anavatti. An Evolutionary Approach for the Design of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  • Rayner Alfred and Irwansah Amran. Unsupervised Learning of Mutagenesis Molecules Structure Based on An Evolutionary-Based Features Selection in DARA
  • Glenn Blanchette, Richard O'Keefe and Lubica Benuskova. Inference of a Phylogenetic Tree: Hierarchical Clustering versus Genetic Algorithm
  • Liam Cervante, Bing Xue, Lin Shang and Mengjie Zhang. A Dimension Reduction Approach to Classification Based on Particle Swarm Optimisation and Rough Set Theory
  • Oliver Coleman and Alan Blair. Evolving Plastic Neural Networks for Online Learning: Review and Future Directions
  • Philip Hingston, Ranjeet Tirtha, Martin Masek and Chiou-Peng Lam. A Multimodal Problem for Competitive Coevolution
  • Muhammad Iqbal, Will Browne and Mengjie Zhang. XCSR with Computed Continuous Action
  • Mohammad Khan and Tapabrata Ray. A Memetic Algorithm for Efficient Solution of 2D and 3D Shape Matching Problems
  • Aaron Scoble, Mark Johnston and Mengjie Zhang. Local Search in Parallel Linear Genetic Programming for Multiclass Classification

Game Playing

  • Ruobing Li, Wenkai Li, Lin Shang, Yang Gao and Mengjie Zhang. Opponent's Style Modeling Based on Situations for Bayesian Poker
  • Michelle McPartland and Marcus Gallagher. Game Designers Training First Person Shooter Bots
  • Wei Xiong, Xudong Luo and Wenjun Ma. Games with Ambiguous Payoffs Played by Ambiguity and Regret Minimising Players

Information Retrieval

  • Carson Bruce, Xiaoying Gao, Peter Andreae and Shahida Jabeen. Query Expansion Powered by Wikipedia Hyperlinks
  • Yi Guo, Junbin Gao and Xia Hong. Constrained Grouped Sparsity
  • Dung Nguyen and Jon Patrick. Reverse Active Learning for Optimising Information Extraction Training Production
  • Yan Shen, Yuefeng Li and Yue Xu. Adopting Relevance Feature to Learn Personalized Ontologies
  • Katsuyuki Tanaka, Tetsuya Takiguchi and Yasuo Ariki. Towards Domain Independent Why Text Segment Classification Based on Bag of Function Words

Knowledge Representation

  • Kiyoshi Akama and Ekawit Nantajeewarawat. A Delayed Splitting Bottom-Up Procedure for Model Generation
  • Franz Baader, Stefan Borgwardt and Barbara Morawska. A Goal-Oriented Algorithm for Unification in ELHR+ w.r.t. Cycle-Restricted Ontologies
  • Arina Britz, Thomas Meyer and Ivan Varzinczak. Normal Modal Preferential Consequence
  • Abhaya Nayak. Trust in Context
  • Robert Robere and Tarek Richard Besold. Complex Analogies: Remarks on the Complexity of HDTP
  • Hanne Vlaeminck, Joost Vennekens and Marc Denecker. A general representation and approximate inference algorithm for sensing actions
  • Bill Wilson and Steven Phillips. Systematicity, accessibility, and universal properties
  • Yi Zhou. RDL: Enhancing Description Logic with Rules

Machine Learning

  • Mazin Aouf and Laurence Park. Approximate document outlier detection using Random Spectral Projection
  • Djallel Bouneffouf. Exploration / Exploitation Trade-off in Mobile Context-Aware Recommender Systems
  • Mohammad Ghasemi Hamed, Mathieu Serrurier and Nicolas Durand. Simultaneous Interval Regression for K-nearest neighbor
  • David Tse Jung Huang, Yun Sing Koh, Gillian Dobbie and Russel Pears. Kernel-Tree: Mining frequent patterns in a data stream based on forecasted support
  • Rustam Issabekov and Peter Vamplew. An Empirical Comparison of Two Common Multiobjective Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
  • Guohua Liang and Chengqi Zhang. A Comparative Study of Sampling Methods and Algorithms for Imbalanced Time Series Classification
  • Wei Liu, Sanjay Chawla, James Bailey, Christopher Leckie and Ramanohanorao Kotagiri. An Efficient Adversarial Learning Strategy for Constructing Robust Classification Boundaries
  • Yashar Maali and Adel Al-Jumaily. Signal Selection for Sleep Apnea Classification
  • Daniel Schmidt and Enes Makalic. Minimum Message Length Inference and Mixture Modelling of Inverse Gaussian Distributions
  • P.K. Srijith, Shirish Shevade and S. Sundararajan. A Probabilistic Least Squares Approach to Ordinal Regression
  • Quan Sun and Bernhard Pfahringer. Bagging Ensemble Selection for Regression
  • John Thornton, Linda Main and Andrew Srbic. Fixed Frame Temporal Pooling
  • David X. Wang, Xiaoying Gao and Peter Andreae. DIKEA: Domain-Independent Keyphrase Extraction Algorithm
  • Feng Xie, Andy Song and Vic Ciesielski. Evolving Event Detector in Multi-channel Sensor Data
  • Lei Xu and Edward Hung. Improving Classification Accuracy on Uncertain Data by Considering Multiple Subclasses

Planning and Scheduling

  • Tony Allard and Slava Shekh. Hierarchical Multi-Agent Distribution Planning
  • Amrit Lal Ahuja and Girish Palshikar. Generating Project Plans for Data Center transformations
  • Kamalesh Ghosh, Pallab Dasgupta and S. Ramesh. Planning with Action Prioritization and New Benchmarks for Classical Planning
  • Min Liu and Tapabrata Ray. Efficient Solution of Capacitated Arc Routing Problems with a Limited Computational Budget
  • Fazlul Siddiqui and Patrik Haslum. Block-Structured Plan Deordering
  • Jamal Yousaf. Ride Sharing: A Multi Source-Destination Path Planning Approach


  • David Budden, Shannon Fenn, Josiah Walker and Alexandre Mendes. A Novel Approach to Ball Detection for Humanoid Robot Soccer
  • Bradford Heap and Maurice Pagnucco. Analysis of Cluster Formation Techniques for Multi-Robot Task Allocation using Sequential Single-Cluster Auctions
  • Bernhard Hengst. On-Line Model-based Continuous State Reinforcement Learning Using Background Knowledge

Uncertainty in AI

  • Wenjun Ma, Xudong Luo and Wei Xiong. A Novel D-S Theory Based AHP Decision Apparatus under Subjective Factor Disturbances
  • Enes Makalic and Daniel Schmidt. MML Logistic Regression with Translation and Rotation Invariant Priors
  • Steffen Michels, Marina Velikova and Peter Lucas. Probabilistic Model-Based Assessment of Information Quality in Uncertain Domains
  • Cora Beatriz Perez-Ariza, Ann Nicholson, Kevin B. Korb, Steven Mascaro and Chao Heng Hu. Causal Discovery of Dynamic Bayesian Networks