AI 2012 Angry Birds Challenge Rules

Participants are required to submit their Angry Birds game playing programs to the organizers who will run them on the agent server without any further human intervention and without connection to the internet. An initial version of the program has to be submitted to the organisers by November 30 in order to test compatibility with our agent server.

Qualification programs have to be submitted at least 3 hours before the start of the qualification round and the final challenge programs have to be submitted at least 3 hours before the challenge starts. Participants are encouraged to submit their programs earlier so that compatibility can be tested.

For the qualification round there will be three simple game levels on which the programs will be tested. Programs have to be able to solve the three levels in at most 30 minutes and demonstrate a better performance than our test framework.

For the main challenge, there will be ten different levels of the game and programs are required to pass a level before they can continue to the next level.

The Classic Track

For each level, participants will receive a screen shot of the initial game state and are required to submit release location and time of one or more shoot actions and, if applicable, time points at which tapping actions will be executed. The action(s) will then be executed by our game server and participants will receive a screen shot of the game state after their action(s). This is repeated until all birds are fired or the level is solved. The game score will then be recorded.

Once a level is solved, programs can move on to the next level or can decide to play the current or any previous level again. If a level is played again and a higher score is achieved, the higher score will be recorded.

If a level has not been solved, participants can decide to play the current or any previous level again. If a level is played again and a higher score is achieved, the higher score will be recorded.

Programs have a total of 60 minutes to play. The total score of a program will be the sum of the highest score of each of the ten levels.

The program with the highest total score wins the challenge. In case of a draw, all programs with the same total score will be declared winners.

The Unlimited Track

This track is exaclty the same as the classic track with one exception: programs are allowed to access a copy of the Angry Birds Chrome version on the agent server that uses the same ten game levels as the version on the game server. Programs can take their own screen shots at any time and can interact with the game in any way they wish.

Interactions with the game server are exactly the same as in the classic track. Actions have to be submitted in the same way and all actions will be executed and evaluated on the game server.

Notes on both tracks

Participants should note that it takes about 30 seconds to execute actions and to record a screen shot. This limits the total number of actions that can be executed.

Each screen shot will be in .png format with a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels.

Each action a=(x,y,t_shot,t_tap) consists of the (x,y) coordinates of where the next bird is released and (t_shot,t_tap) are times in milliseconds at which a shot and a tap action are performed. (t_shot=0) refers to the time of the first shot in an action sequence and t_tap=t_shot means no tap. It is possible to submit a sequence of actions of multiple actions which will be performed at the times specified. The coordinates are relative to the screen shot, where <0,0> refers to the bottom left corner of the image and <1920,1080> refers to the upper right corner of the image.

A screen shot and the game score will be recorded by the game server and sent to the program within 30 seconds after the last action if the action sequence has not solved the current level. If the game level is solved, only the game score and a success message will be sent to the program after which the program is required to answer with the number of the level the program wants to solve next. The number can be at most one higher than the highest level already solved. Within 15 seconds, the program will receive a screen shot of the requested level.

Full details about the interface with the game server and the specifications of the agent server will be sent to the registered participants.